Her Father’s Secret by Kate Wiley

Her Father's Secret by Kate Wiley (ePUB) Free Download

Her Father’s Secret by Kate Wiley (Detective Margot Phalen #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Detective Margot Phalen knows that it doesn’t matter how careful she is, or how many locks are on her door. There will always be a man with a gun, or a knife, or his hands out there, and there is nothing she can do about it.
Who taught her that? Her dad. Ed Finch. One of the most prolific and infamous serial killers in American history.

Margot would do anything never to see her father again. But when Ed starts taunting the FBI, hinting at his involvement in an unsolved missing persons case that has haunted the city for decades, Margot gets a call she’s been dreading. He’s willing to share his darkest secret – but only with her.
With a sniper targeting the city’s busiest streets and sending the San Francisco Police Department into turmoil, Margot has a mass-murderer to catch. The last thing she needs is Ed toying with her, stirring up the past she’s worked hard to forget, and getting under her skin.

But to catch a killer, she’ll need to get into the mind of a killer. The key to solving the case may lie in the one place she fears most: her father’s cell.

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