Her Dead Boyfriend by C. Fitton

Her Dead Boyfriend by C. Fitton (ePUB) Free Download

Her Dead Boyfriend by C. Fitton
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Erin’s life is not going according to plan. An aspiring author, her world shatters when her boyfriend dies in a tragic accident. Behind the walls of her Boston Brownstone, Erin hides away from the outside world. Haunted by her past, she tries therapy, but soon discovers that some doors are best left locked.

Her loyal best friend Fiona stands firmly by her side. So when Fiona announces that she’s met Mark, an apparently perfect man, Erin attempts to share in her friend’s happiness.
But Erin is stunned to discover that Mark bears an uncanny resemblance to her dead boyfriend. Inspired by her growing infatuation, she begins to write a story in the small hours, blurring the lines between her fictional and real worlds.

As Erin’s fixation for Mark grows, the unbreakable bond between her and Fiona begins to unravel.

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