Harvest For The Reaper by Jack Gatland

Harvest For The Reaper by Jack Gatland (ePUB) Free Download

Harvest For The Reaper by Jack Gatland (Detective Inspector Declan Walsh #18)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The critically acclaimed, internationally bestselling Declan Walsh series continues…

He’s back.

When new victims of the still-at-large serial killer known as the Red Reaper start to appear in London, DCI Declan Walsh and his team are placed back on the case – but everything isn’t what it seems. For a start, the deaths are different, and the calling card is new. It could be a copycat, apart from one thing…

They know what Declan did to the real Red Reaper a year earlier. Something only Declan and the closest members of his team keep secret.

Is this the real Reaper, back to gain revenge on Declan and his family – or is this a protégé, staking his own claim to the serial killer name? And can Declan stop this new run of murders before the unit’s secret is found out, and his own daughter is added to the list – with the unlikeliest of allies by his side?

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