Hard Contact by Cameron Curtis

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Hard Contact by Cameron Curtis (Breed Series #8)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When two billion dollars of gold are stolen, you don’t call the cops. You call Breed.
The Medusa, a freighter carrying gold bullion worth two billion dollars, is hijacked off the coast of Greece. Using sophisticated technology, the hijackers make the vessel disappear. The CIA’s deputy director, Anya Stein, recruits Breed to locate the vessel and recover the gold.

Breed and Stein trace the missing vessel to the mouth of the Aegean Sea, between the islands of Rhodes and Crete. Realising Breed is on their trail, the hijackers do everything they can to stop him – permanently.
Breed and Stein enlist the aid of a Greek shipping magnate, his fiery daughter, and the USS Pressley Bannon, currently based out of Crete. With their help, Breed uses all his Special Forces training to find the Medusa, break into the hijackers’ base, and serve the killers his own lethal brand of justice.
This time, it’s hard contact all the way.

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