Gone by Glenna Thomson

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Gone by Glenna Thomson
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A missing girl … a cold case … a sister who won’t give up …

‘I was there on the day Rebecca disappeared. I watched her hurry away. If I close my eyes I can still see her…’

When Rebecca Bundy fails to return home after the last day of school in 1984 her father reports her missing. But the teenager has run away before and recently she’s been bragging about going to Queensland, so the police tell the family to wait it out.

Days pass. Rumours swirl. A man seen loitering near the bus stop might have followed her. Was there something going on between Rebecca and a male teacher? What about the sheep farmer on Glen Lochan Road where she babysat? And why is her boyfriend, the rough cattle guy Bull Tennant, so sure something sinister has happened?

Then a shocking murder-suicide at a local farm diverts police attention and Rebecca’s disappearance all too quickly becomes a cold case. But her younger sister Eliza has never forgotten, and for almost forty years she’s been looking for answers.

Once she kept Rebecca’s secrets. Now she’s ready to share her story…

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