Girl Who Is Hunted by Georgia Wagner

Girl Who Is Hunted by Georgia Wagner (ePUB) Free Download

Girl Who Is Hunted by Georgia Wagner (Ella Porter #9)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

No one can outrun a bullet…
Illegal hunting tourism is a favorite past-time among poachers in the wilderness of Alaska, and Ella Porter is assigned to help the Marshal service track a poacher who’s running one such operation.
Still reeling after the events of the last book, Ella is grateful for the distraction, but the case turns into something far more sinister, when they hear whispers of missing girls in the Alaskan wilderness. A secretive poaching operation advertises “the most dangerous game,” as their main attraction.

Women are being set loose in the Alaskan wilderness and then hunted by seasoned hunters.
It isn’t long before Ella and Brenner are targeted by this clandestine group, and she’ll have to outwit man and beast to survive the harsh climate, escape the clutches of the poachers, and discover the shadowy figure behind it all.

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