Girl in the Dark by J.M. Cannon

Girl in the Dark by J.M. Cannon (ePUB) Free Download

Girl in the Dark by J.M. Cannon
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

On a cold evening in November, Zoey Knight gets a frantic call from her sister. Their childhood home in remote Maine has burned to the ground. Two bodies have been discovered in the basement.
When the FBI suddenly takes over the case, it’s clear something more sinister than a random double homicide has taken place.

Rumors go back to The Family-cult or commune, the wealthy enclave of Black Castle, Maine has never been sure. Twenty years ago, after the disappearance of a local girl, the group vanished. Now, signs of them are resurfacing.
Zoey finds this is no ordinary conspiracy. It doesn’t just involve strangers, but the very people she loves. And if she wants the truth, she’ll have to risk everything to find out.

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