From Plant to Plate by Darryl Gadzekpo, Ella Phillips

From Plant to Plate by Darryl Gadzekpo, Ella Phillips (ePUB) Free Download

From Plant to Plate: Turn Home-Grown Ingredients Into Healthy Meals! by Darryl Gadzekpo, Ella Phillips
English | 2024 | Food & Cooking

Grow mighty ingredients, then take them from mud kitchen to real kitchen and transform them into delicious, plant-powered feasts.

Grab your shovel and plant for a recipe! Discover 15 incredible plants, including zucchini, raspberries, corn, and basil, then find out what it takes to make them grow. From showing you how seeds should be properly planted to helping you find the best soil for your plants, Darryl Gadzekpo and Ella Phillips offer all the tips and tricks green-fingered kids need to know to transform seeds into mighty fruit, vegetables, and herbs your tummies would be proud of.

But the fun doesn’t end here! Once you’ve removed those muddy boots, head to the kitchen and learn how to prepare and cook your home-grown ingredients. With more than 25 tasty recipe ideas from basil pesto pasta to butternut squash muffins, you’ll master a variety of unique plant-powered food that you’ll love to eat as much as you love to cook.

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