Fear City by Stacy M. Jones

Fear City by Stacy M. Jones (Riley Sullivan Mysteries #10)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A serial sniper terrorizes a city. A crime podcast host is caught in his crosshairs.
As a late summer heat wave falls over Little Rock, a serial sniper begins a reign of terror. Killing indiscriminately, the community’s fears are heightened. Who will be next? No one knows. The motive isn’t clear, except the sniper is focused on Cat O’Conner, a local crime podcast host.

PI Riley Sullivan and her partner, Cooper Deagnan, must help figure out the sniper’s cryptic messages and assist Cat in creating podcast episodes to satisfy the sniper’s request. But the number of dead keeps mounting and so do the ties back to Cat.

Meanwhile, Det. Luke Morgan is working hard to follow the little evidence left behind. With each turn in the case, another person of interest is indicated. But there’s one thing Luke can’t let go…how it all might be connected back to Cat.
When she goes missing, all bets are off. The sniper threatens to kill one person every night Cat is gone. Riley must find her and bring her home if they have any chance of stopping the sniper. Can Riley find her before the sniper makes good on his promise of utter destruction?

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