Escape & Evade by JT Sawyer

Escape & Evade by JT Sawyer
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 710 KB

For years, the former CIA operator had been hiding in plain sight.

Now a kill squad has him in their cross-hairs.

To the townspeople of Blayne, Utah, population 202, Nick Mercer was just a friendly thirty-something woodworker living in a small cabin at the end of a dirt road. But Nick also kept a fully stocked bug-out bag complete with a take-down sniper rifle, assorted passports and a pouch full of uncut diamonds hidden in the wall near his back door along with concealed surveillance cameras spread around his property.

After a document forger is captured by authorities in Indonesia, Mercer’s aliases are eventually leaked to a powerful diamond broker with ties to Mercer’s past with the CIA in West Africa—a man who is willing to stop at nothing to hunt down the former agent.
When a crew of private contractors disguised as FBI agents arrives in Blayne, Mercer discovers his primary escape route along the highway in southeastern Utah is cut off. Now, he must evade on foot through miles of rugged canyons.
With seasoned assassins and a CIA grab team closing in, Nick Mercer must rekindle old survival skills to outrun them…and his past.

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