End Game by Logan Ryles

End Game by Logan Ryles (Mason Sharpe #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 352 KB

Mason Sharpe has some lethal skills. In this little town, he’s going to need them.
On a dark Alabama highway, army veteran Mason Sharpe witnesses a terrible accident. As he fights to rescue a woman from the burning vehicle he notices one of her eyes is bright blue, the other deep brown. Then, she vanishes. Gone without a trace.

When Mason describes her to local police, they’re stunned. His description matches one Delia Crawford, famed for her unusual eyes. But Delia disappeared as a child, eleven years prior. How could she possibly show up in a car accident now?

But Mason knows what he saw. His gut tells him something deeply sinister is going down, and Delia Crawford is somehow involved.
Why will none of the locals talk about Delia? Why is one mining company still turning big profits in a town crippled by the industry’s decline? And why is Mason being followed by two shady characters in a pitch black pickup truck?
Like a hunting dog on the scent, he digs deep to uncover the grim truth — and comes to the attention of some very violent men.
They want him gone, but he’s not going anywhere. Push Mason into a corner, and he’ll push right back. All the way to the End Game.

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