Eat Your Superpowers! by Toni Buzzeo

Eat Your Superpowers!: How Colorful Foods Keep You Healthy and Strong by Toni Buzzeo
English | 2023 | Food & Cooking | 11 MB

Twenty-five different foods, grouped by color, are nutritionally decoded in this reference book for the preschool set.

From grapes to beets and oatmeal to cashews, this reference book highlights and explains the benefits of 25 fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, each grouped into color categories and presented with the mind and body benefits they offer. Carefully crafted one-sentence explanations from author Toni Buzzeo provide the perfect amount of information for the preschool audience, and illustrator Serge Bloch’s charming and humorous art make this an entertaining and uniquely appetizing reference book of food facts.

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  1. Hi Figaro;

    I can’t get either of the two sources to download any books. They both have adblocker warnings and no download!

    I was able to use the green button for the last week, but not the red button for the last month.

    I have turned off the ad blocker in Firefox, but still does not work.

    Can you please find out what has happened?

    Thank you

    James Croft

    • Hi James,
      Please check now. It’s fixed for the first link.

      • Thank you, Figaro!

        Much appreciated here in clear skies and brisk temperatures Vancouver. Rain just stopped yesterday, we had 4 days of ‘atmospheric river’. Now downloads great!

        Thank you again.

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