Drawing Digital by Lisa Bardot

Drawing Digital: The complete guide for learning to draw & paint on your iPad by Lisa Bardot
English | 2023 | Education & Reference

Learn how to draw digitally and get the most use out of your tablet with this book full of helpful tips, creative inspiration, and 12 step-by-step drawing and painting projects.
In Drawing Digital, artist and teacher Lisa Bardot, the expert behind @Bardot Brush, introduces the art of digital drawing. Using your tablet and Procreate, or another favorite drawing app, you can leave behind your pencil and paper and make art anywhere and at any time.
Lisa gets you started with a range of easy-to-follow projects, including: A still life, A snake plant, Cacti in the desert, Flowers, A dog, A school of fish, Self-portraits, Characters, City scenes, And more!

Accompanying each project are complete step-by-step instructions and Lisa Bardot’s signature, vibrant artwork. Also in the book are:
Tips for finding creative inspiration
Information on tools
App basics
How to draw and paint lines and shapes
Instructions for layering, duplicating, exporting, and more
A review that promises to help you draw anything

The author works in Procreate; however, her instructions apply to any digital drawing app, so you can use whatever you have on hand. The projects, tips, and techniques offer the ideal starting point if you’re a beginner to digital drawing, but if you’re an expert, you’re sure to learn plenty from Lisa’s expert advice, as well. Lisa finds great joy in creating, and soon you will too, wherever and whenever you like to draw.
Kick start your creativity and learn to draw on your tablet with Drawing Digital!

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