Do Unto Others by Mark Jenkins

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Do Unto Others by Mark Jenkins
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Bound by a solemn oath to carry a burden to their graves, three friends hoped that by silencing a horrific secret, things would stay buried in the past. But as they would soon learn, the past was merely a boomerang.
And it was coming back.

Alicia, Brooke, Cathy, and Dana have been best friends since college. The four girls made a pact to always stick together, and they were inseparable, come hell or high water. But unfortunately for them, hell came.
Now, one is dead at her wedding, and realizing they are at fault, the three remaining girls must face the consequences of their deadly mistake. They decide never to speak of the tragedy again, feeling safe no one knows what they have done.

Until they meet Bradley. Little do they know, the man they thought was the answer to their dreams is their worst nightmare. He holds the key to their secret, and he is ready to use it. Like a master puppeteer, he begins to manipulate their lives, setting in motion a series of events that will leave them shattered and, ultimately, breathless.
You may think you’ve heard this story before. You may think you know the outcome.
Think again.

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