Dead On Arrival by John Carson

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Dead On Arrival by John Carson (DCI James Craig #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The Burntisland carnival pulses with life as people of all ages revel in the festivities, unaware of the predator lurking among them. In the crowd are two teenage girls, innocently enjoying the fairgrounds, oblivious to the danger stalking them.
The next day, a grim discovery shatters the town’s peace. One of the girls is found brutally murdered in a cemetery, a sinister symbol carved into her forehead.

DCI James Craig and his team are called to the scene, where Craig is confronted with a chilling realisation. The symbol is hauntingly familiar—it’s a chilling echo from his past, reminiscent of a case he worked on two decades ago, chasing a killer known as Starman, who was never caught.
As the investigation unfolds, another victim is found, bearing the hallmark of a different notorious killer from Craig’s past. Someone is meticulously recreating unsolved murders, dredging up ghosts from Craig’s career.
The elusive killer remains shrouded in mystery, leaving Craig chasing ghosts from his past, ghosts who were always out of his reach.
Determined to put an end to the macabre mimicry, Craig vows to apprehend the killer, drawing on unlikely alliances and confronting his own demons along the way.

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