Buds and Blossoms by Liz Knight

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Buds and Blossoms: Delicious and Beautiful Edible Flower Recipes by Liz Knight
English | 2024 | Food & Cooking

Though there has been somewhat of a renaissance for cooking with edible flowers, they have largely been relegated to adorning cakes and sweets; Buds and Blossoms shows that their culinary potential is so much greater than that.

Liz Knight seeks to reinvigorate our love for cooking with edible flowers through her incredible recipes and engaging writing style. She includes 20 different flowering plants, all of which are easily sourced, and takes us on a delicious journey through more than 100 recipes from Rose Arrabiata and Magnolia leaves with Aubergine and Miso to Lilac Lemon Possets as well as a Marigold Martini. The versatility of the flowers Liz includes here is astonishing and you’ll be amazed by how many different sorts of dishes will be enhanced by them.

Woven throughout the book are Liz’s insightful potted histories which detail fascinating culinary journeys, bringing context and colour to the dishes she’s collected in this volume. Alongside beautiful photography, you’ll learn how to see these plants anew, for the transformative ingredients they can truly be.

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