Beyond Honor by Douglas Scott, Daniel Young

Beyond Honor by Douglas Scott, Daniel Young (ePUB) Free Download

Beyond Honor by Douglas Scott, Daniel Young
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

In the midst of an unforgiving galactic war, Joel Chambers and his unit never expected their greatest challenge to come from beneath their feet. While engaged in a fierce skirmish on a primitive planet, their reality is upended as a mysterious starship bursts from the ground, altering the course of their mission — and the war itself.

Suddenly, survival demands the unthinkable: an alliance with their sworn enemies. Chambers, leading his beleaguered team, must navigate this precarious truce in pursuit of a formidable adversary, one whose power threatens to shift the interstellar balance of power.
But cooperation is easier said than done when tensions run high and old grudges die hard. As they chase a threat that weaves through the stars, the line between ally and enemy blurs.

In a universe where trust is scarce and betrayal is just one misstep away, can they put aside their differences long enough to avert a cosmic catastrophe?

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