Autumn’s Chase by Mary Stone

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Autumn’s Chase by Mary Stone (Autumn Trent Series #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Some evils never die—they evolve.
FBI Special Agent Autumn Trent is desperate for something to focus on besides the lingering emotional fallout of their last two cases. And the growing distance between her and Aiden Parrish, her supervisor and boyfriend. So when a new case lands on her desk, she jumps at the distraction.
Who knew bloodshed could provide relief?

The case is as gruesomely appalling as it is distracting. Two homeless drug addicts dragged to death by their necks, their bodies throw in the James River. More puzzling still is the discovery of the corpse of another homeless man a month before…killed in the same brutal manner and tossed in dumpster.
Why target those who’ve hit rock bottom?

Dead men don’t tell stories. With nothing to go on but three corpses that were never meant to be found and a questionable witness’s identification of a British accent, Autumn hits dead end after dead end.
She knows two things for sure. The sadistic killer enjoys torturing his victims. And she’s going to collar him before he collars another scapegoat destined for a harrowing death. Even if it costs her relationship with Aiden.

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