Attuned Dungeon by Frank G. Albelo

Attuned Dungeon by Frank G. Albelo (The Metier Apocalypse #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 396 KB

A generation of radical change. Tenuous balance ready to tip. Opportunities and danger in every corner.

Ronan and his friends stumble upon what remains of humanity after surviving the gauntlet that was their arrival. While both groups are supremely wary of each other, the necessity of cooperation wins out in the end.
No one was expecting that the balance of power within the town of Wildwood was so fragile. Seeking to address the desperate need for resources leads Ronan to pitch his wildest idea yet: Dungeon Farming. The wildlife doesn’t take the sudden boldness of humanity in stride, but armed with more magic than ever, the stage is set for the survivors to thrive.

All too soon, the threat of the wild grow distant enough that people are already starting to forget the dangers… and the resurgent humanity is threatened from within.

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