Above the Law by C. M. Sutter

Above the Law by C. M. Sutter (Detective Jesse McCord #11)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Walking in a southwesterly direction, a killer leaves a trail of death as he strikes down random Chicago homeowners.

Homicide Detective Jesse McCord and his team vow to get ahead of the madman, yet the only clue they have is the direction in which he’s going. Because he doesn’t use a car or a credit card and has no traceable hotel stays, the killer remains invisible.
Chicago is overtaken by the fear of a serial killer on the roam, and a vague description given by two homeless men is cold comfort. The killer could be anyone’s next-door neighbor.

Thinking outside the box, Jesse and his partner, Frank Mills, work tirelessly to unearth the killer’s motive, yet it’s the why that has them baffled.

When an unexpected breakthrough comes in the form of a single fingerprint, it sets off a chain of events that shakes the foundations of Chicago’s legal system. Privacy is pitted against justice, and the lives of everyone touched by this case are forever changed.

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