A Hunt of Blood & Iron by Cara Nox

A Hunt of Blood & Iron by Cara Nox (ePUB) Free Download

A Hunt of Blood & Iron by Cara Nox (The Wild Hunt #1)
English | 2024 | Dark Fantasy

“Nothing comes without sacrifice.”

Grey is a shut-in hemomancer—a blood-manipulating magic user who sacrifices life for life to use his power—with a troubled past and questionable future. So when that fae-laced Calling grips him in the middle of the night and takes him to the obelisk he’s been seeing in his dreams, he believes he’s finally started to find his purpose. That is, until he realizes there are five other mancers there, and the obelisk bears all their marks.

That can only mean one thing: the fair folk are demanding another Wild Hunt, and Grey is one of their prey.

In his fumbled attempt to escape, he’s rescued by the one sacrificial member of the Hunt he least expects: an iron-wielding macharomancer, known for their hostility against his magic, named Noel. In order to find a way to break free of their binding ties to the Wild Hunt, they must put aside their reservations about one another and work together.

Their best bet is to find something hidden within what’s left of the faerie ruins and man-made structures of the distant past that’s worth more than their lives to appease their ruthless rulers. Or they’ll perish at the hands of the bloodthirsty fair folk waiting for them in the Otherworld.

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