A Hole We Crawl Into by Joe Hart

A Hole We Crawl Into by Joe Hart
English | 2023 | Horror

A man haunted by his past comes face to face with a place not on any map in this horrifying novella by Edgar Award-winning author Joe Hart.
Home renovator Greg Havel is making a name for himself in the world of house flipping when he stumbles on a deal too good to pass up: an isolated but spacious home in the country needing just the right touch. But when he arrives he begins to realize this isn’t the typical reno-job.

The house is…different.

Sometimes there are four bedrooms on the second floor. Sometimes five.
The paintings inside are beyond disturbing and won’t come off the walls.
And there is an old well in the backyard that seems to be bottomless.
As it becomes harder and harder for him to leave, Greg realizes the past he’s been running from has been waiting for him all along. Waiting for him to come home…

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