A Garden of Glass Blades by M. A. Morales

A Garden of Glass Blades by M. A. Morales (ePUB) Free Download

A Garden of Glass Blades by M. A. Morales
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Their faith divides them. But their fate will entwine them.

Tensions are rising between the bordering nations of Micacao and Niekalarah. The Governor of Micacao sees no path for diplomacy. The inevitable outcome: War. For guaranteed success, he sends his Private Guard, Ilian, on a mission to find the legendary warrior of the glass sword.
Ilian travels to the mountainous regions of the rural south and finds the warrior in a laborer named Cordaya. As destruction and devastation rain down on the villages and local communities, Cordaya, the warrior of the glass sword, is their only line of defense from these attacks. She refuses to leave her people without protection. Ilian, knowing he cannot return without her acceptance to meet with the Governor, must devise a new plan. For the interim, he finds residence and employment with none other than Cordaya’s adoptive parents.

But more than the attacks occur on these lands as evil spreads beneath their feet, racing through the roots of life. The gods grow resentful.
With enemy mercenaries and the gods against them, Ilian and Cordaya must search for the answer to save their nation and perhaps humanity itself. As a message from the gods intertwines their every step to the fate of the world, Ilian will be forced to reflect on his faith and everything he has ever learned.

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