A Doomsday Agent by Rolf Osterberg

A Doomsday Agent by Rolf Osterberg (ePUB) Free Download

A Doomsday Agent by Rolf Osterberg
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When an unknown virus strikes in Sweden, one cannot yet suspect what is actually going on. The virus rapidly turns people into psychotic beings, who only live to fulfil their basic needs through murder and mayhem, until they too succumb to the contagious disease.

Rob and Selma, a Dutch couple living on a remote estate in Sweden, know how to protect themselves properly. Together with four other couples, who have their homes on the estate, they are prepared for a disaster and do everything they can to survive.

Fahjeed Rashwan, an al-Qaeda mastermind, knows more about the virus. When the strategist’s role becomes clear, a sinister story with an uncertain outcome develops. The frantic search for an adequate drug is a race against time that unfolds on the world stage.

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