A Casual Temptation by Stephen Barrett

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A Casual Temptation by Stephen Barrett
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

What would you do?

What would you do if you were confronted with having to make a choice? A choice between doing what´s right and what´s wrong? Choosing to do what´s right will mean you get to thwart a crime, a financial fraud on a major scale. But at a cost: your job, the life you have led so far and possibly your future chances of employment.
The alternative? Doing something that´s wrong: morally wrong and illegal. You will be a criminal. But you will have one hundred thousand in your pocket.

Neil Wilson, freshly appointed Key Account Manager within Hamlays Bank stumbles across a financial fraud scheme to rob Hamlays of millions. A scheme engineered by Alexis Theophilou, the larger-than-life owner of Holden Industrial, his first big client.
Neil confronts Alexis, only to discover that the stakes are high in this game. He finds himself having to answer the question for himself: do I do what´s right or do I do what´s wrong?
Setting wheels in motion that will take him on a journey he never dreamt possible and that will change his life for ever, Neil has to find his own answers – and live with the consequences.

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