1926 by Amy Cross

1926 by Amy Cross (The Haunting of Hadlow House #9)
English | 2023 | Horror

The year is 1926. Having run away from home in the dead of winter, three children finds themselves alone in a forest, on the verge of freezing to death. And then, in the distance, they spot an abandoned house.
For Jack, Jenny and George, the discovery of Hadlow House feels like a miracle. They manage to break inside and start a fire, and for a short while they feel as if they’ve been saved. But then they start to notice something strange about this particular house, and they realize that they might not be alone after all. Does something menacing lurk in the shadows, watching their every move?

Soon the children find themselves trapped in a battle for survival. Unable to turn to anyone else, they must take up arms against a malevolent entity that seems able to reach into their minds, turning them against one another. Can any of them survive and – if so – will they ever be the same again?

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  1. book 7 and 8
    1901 and 1918, tq

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