Time for Grace by Without Warrant

Time for Grace by Without Warrant (A Willow Grace FBI Thriller Book 4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

The last thing he heard was the ticking of a metronome, counting down to a silence more threatening than the sound.

An unsettling murder breathes life into a long-stilled investigation. Is it the return of a serial murderer known as the Hourglass Killer? Or the rise of a dangerous copycat?
Willow Grace, a psychologist with a specialization in cults, is called in to investigate the murder alongside FBI Agent Paxton Holt.

As they delve into the dark recesses of a psychopath’s mind, their trust in one another becomes as fragile as a strand of spider’s silk.
Can they outwit a killer who holds the shears of fate? Or will their time run out before they get the chance?

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