The Woman in My Home by C.R. Howell

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The Woman in My Home by C.R. Howell
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thrillert

‘She wasn’t crying. That was the terrifying part.’

My husband told me that the accident was my fault. That I was to blame when our beautiful, funny two-year-old daughter almost died.
I thought I could never leave my little girls. But ten months ago, I had to.
I left our isolated house in the wild, windswept village where we lived. Every day away from my daughters was agony. I missed the soapy smell of their hair and their laughs and the way they played together under the apple tree.

But now I’m back, knocking on my own front door like a stranger.
And there’s a woman living in my home. Taking care of my daughters. Sharing a bed with my husband.
She has a newborn baby.

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