The Silurian Bridge by Greig Beck

The Silurian Bridge by Greig Beck (ePUB) Free Download

The Silurian Bridge by Greig Beck (Alex Hunter #11)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Silurian Period, approximately 420 million years ago. A time even before the dinosaurs. Evolution was just beginning to flex its muscles, and on land and in the sea, new creatures were evolving.

In this strange world arrive a team of time-travelling North Korean agents with one goal – change the past and alter the future. And if they are successful, the United States may never exist.
Following them back in time are Alex Hunter and his team of elite HAWCs. And for Alex, this mission is personal.

In this strange primordial world, the HAWCs find lifeforms that defy description and test the bounds of reality, or sanity. Things that evolution created and then cancelled. Or perhaps something entirely out of this world, that time wisely kept hidden from us. Until now.
Alex Hunter, The Arcadian, is in a race to save his team, his country, and the people he loves the most, his family, and literally bring them back from the dead. And pity anyone or any thing that gets in his way.

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