The Sewer Man by Med S. Fox

The Sewer Man by Med S. Fox (Stranded #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 582 KB

A married teacher cheats on her husband on his bed with a Six-year-old student. A desperate husband, a crime of passion, and a horrific suicide. A Nine-year-old child finds himself witness to his mother’s murder. Childhood trauma and a past repeat itself in its smallest details. A shocking secret, a troubling story and an unexpected ending.

Thirty years ago, Jack Bean killed his wife and her lover on his bed in front of his 9 years old kid Paul, and then blew his brain out in the bathroom and left him alone to face it and live with it, but things were not going well for Paul, especially since he became obsessed with that ominous moment that was enough to turn his dreamy life upside down, But he did not expect, when he thought he got over it, that the whole thing would be repeated in its smallest details, to face what his father faced. But he will discover a terrible secret that will change everything forever.

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