The Princess Electric by Derek Silver

The Princess Electric by Derek Silver
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 755 KB

How do you help your sister remember when all you want to do is forget?
Violet wants nothing more than to forget how she put her sister in the hospital. When she discovers that her sister’s amnesia is caused by otherworldly creatures stealing memories, Violet is propelled into Dementia, an alternate world of lost moments and forgotten dreams.

It is there that Violet meets the Rememberists, a rag-tag crew of memory freedom fighters led by Declan and Cheshire, brothers who try to recruit Violet into their cause. Yet their shadowy demeanors make Violet question their motivations, even when she discovers that they can help her sister. But if Violet doesn’t start trusting someone soon, she’ll never be able to save her sister’s memories—or herself.

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