The Perfect Couple by Jane McLoughlin

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The Perfect Couple by Jane McLoughlin
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Rob is not the man I married. And even my own mother is keeping things from me. She’s on his side. However deep the lies are buried, I must find the truth, no matter how horrifying it is.
We moved from Minnesota to a beautiful house in the English countryside. A year away was meant to be the perfect fresh start.
As soon as we arrive, I get a bad vibe. Despite the charming period features, the house is dark and cold. When the taxi driver pulls away, he warns us: ‘whatever you do, don’t believe the rumours.’
Our first morning there, Rob brings me croissants in bed and I think maybe this will work, maybe we can be happy here.

Then it begins.

Strange noises coming from the woods.

In the garden, I feel like I’m being watched.
Then I see him. The little boy.
Rob tells me there’s no one there. That I’m crazy. That I’m going to ruin the last chance we have to make our marriage work.
But he’s lying.

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