The Moment He Vanished by Rebecca Rane

The Moment He Vanished by Rebecca Rane (Kendra Dillon Cold Case Thriller #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 373 KB

“I am Ethan Peltz.”
With those words, a young man solves the biggest missing child mystery in over a decade, and now, here he was in the office true crime podcaster, Kendra Dillon. Everyone wants to believe the happy ending of this story about a missing little boy, but the truth is more dangerous, more sinister. And deadly.

Kendra Dillon hosts The Cold Trail Podcast. She’s made it her mission to uncover new clues in old mysteries. The Ethan Peltz story landed in her lap, or rather her podcast office, and it’s a slam dunk. A mystery solved on its own. Except that the more Kendra digs, the more murky things become. And with each new clue, the truth gets harder to see. If Kendra gets too close the evil that snatched a little boy could silence Kendra forever.
Kendra’s own dark past could help her solve the case, but could also wake the monster that stalks her every move.

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