The Meat Factory by Emmy Ellis

The Meat Factory by Emmy Ellis
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 238 KB

Cassie Grafton has a tall order: take over The Barrington Patch, a housing estate in the north of England. She was taught by the best—her father, Lenny—so all she needs to do is make her mark.
Jason wants the Barrington for himself and will stop at nothing to get it—including lying to Cassie while pretending he’s got her back. He’s cruel beneath his sincere façade, his heart black to its core.
The past has come out to play, and along with burying her father and tying up loose ends from years ago, Cassie must ensure the residents are aware she’s as tough as her dad was. Tougher. She knows exactly how to get her message across, too, creating a homemade weapon that inflicts wicked damage. And she’ll enjoy wielding it.

And then there’s Grafton’s Meat Factory, where the dreaded Marlene lurks, ready to chew up bodies, the mince sent to Handel Farm where eager, greedy pigs wait to scoff it up.
Murder, gangland rules, and establishing her place in the top spot are Cassie’s main priorities. Grieving is for later. Nothing can come between her and the Barrington crown.
It’s time to step inside the meat factory, where blood and gore rule the roost and the walls hold secrets even the hardest of men find abhorrent. Welcome to Cassie’s world…

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