The Lost Killer by Clara Lewis

The Lost Killer by Clara Lewis (Perfect Crime Series #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.3 MB

One by one, girls go missing right under the nose of the FBI…
After another girl from the troubled girls’ home vanishes, Leon goes on a downward spiral, frustrated at how their efforts seem to be going nowhere. Dr. Naderi sees it fit to put Leon on another case. The victim is Mrs. Nguyen, murdered and dismembered just like the victims in a 13-year-old cold case, but this killer was sloppy – something the other killer wasn’t. Could it be the same killer or an upcoming copycat?

Leon and Dr. Evelyn go back to the home for girls and discover that a fake cop had swept the building, claiming to be in search of evidence. As Leon and Dr. Evelyn continue working on the girls’ case, they get their hands on an employee list that might have the name of a potential suspect. Leon retires to his room with the list, and when he is resting on the bed, partly awake, somebody stealthily makes away with it– while he feels and hears everything but can’t move.
Who would steal the employee list?
Has the FBI dream team lost its magic?

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