The Lost & Found Collection by Dan Arnold

The Lost & Found Collection by Dan Arnold
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 453 KB

Three archeological thriller novellas in the chronicles of Dr. Jacob Walker. American anthropologist, Dr. Jacob Walker travels across the globe responding to requests for his service. Beginning in Israel, Dr. Jacob Walker has been tasked with recovering an ancient box of symbolic relics. It’s been a factor in the establishment of three religions and its fame has contributed to the development of art, history, science and culture. Thousands of years of mystery surround the disappearance of the enigmatic object. It’s reappearance at this time in history threatens the balance of power in the Middle East and throughout the world. From Africa to Australia, Jake and his friends research and solve some of the most sought after ancient artifacts and places. But they have to ask, why is someone interfering in their research? For Jake and his friends, the answers could come at far too high a price. Science demands answers in places where something older than the dream of time waits to feed its ancient hunger.

The Ark of Approach
Circles of Stone
Outback of Beyond

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