The Frost Killer by L.T. Ryan, Biba Pearce

The Frost Killer by L.T. Ryan, Biba Pearce (ePUB) Free Download

The Frost Killer by L.T. Ryan, Biba Pearce (Dalton Savage Mysteries #9)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The cool hand of winter settles in over the town of Hawk’s Landing and brings with it a killer. Hiding among the quiet mountain landscape, he begins his reign of terror.

The dust has settled on Savage’s tainted past as he puts to rest the demons of his previous life. Putting the mile-high city in his rearview, he returns to the place he now calls home to care for his budding family and the town he serves. Unfortunately, for the stalwart lawman, nothing is ever that simple.

A trail of blood on the icy ground leads to a gruesome discovery. What at first appears to be an animal attack quickly proves otherwise. The killer’s brutal methods send a shockwave through the tight- knit community. As another victim falls prey to the killer’s rampage, a pattern emerges. Worse, he’s just getting started.

As the bodies drop, Savage must team with an FBI agent who’s been hunting him for several years. These violent sprees occur in remote locations and always begin at the start of winter, thus earning him the nickname The Frost Killer.
Can Savage outsmart the hunter who’s made the town his hunting ground? Or will he and his family be the next victims of The Frost Killer’s chilling spree?

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