The Deer’s Cry by Douglas Lindsay

The Deer’s Cry by Douglas Lindsay (DS Hutton Series #9)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 337 KB

A grim murder case spirals into a haunting vortex of sex and death.
When a young woman, Lilith Bain, is found dead in local woods, all the evidence points to her father as her killer. And when, after a couple of days, Gordon Bain finally admits his guilt, it ought to be case closed.

However, DS Hutton, now heading up the small detective branch at the station, is not so sure. If it’s all so clear cut, why is Lilith Bain haunting his dreams? And if Gordon Bain really is the killer, why are so many people lying?

Soon enough, while the confessed murderer remains in custody, there is a second murder, and Hutton and his team are now in a race against time to stop an escalating cycle of bloodshed.

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