The Deceit by Sara Foster

The Deceit by Sara Foster
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.3 MB

Your wife is a liar.
Has your wife told you the truth yet?
Do you know who Claire really is?

Lenny has always known that his wife, Claire, is the love of his life. But somehow his marriage is in shambles, he’s struggling with the kids, and a string of anonymous text messages are tormenting him, insisting that Claire is a liar.
Claire knows Lenny is a good man, but there’s a lot she hasn’t told him about her past. Now she’s terrified that the horrors that haunt her are about to put her entire family in danger.
Strange new neighbours, insidious clients and schoolyard scandal begin to fracture Claire and Lenny’s happy-family façade. As secrets are revealed and pasts uncovered, the lies will be exposed and everyone’s lives will change forever.

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