The Dark Disciple by Dan Neil

The Dark Disciple by Dan Neil (The Daybreak Saga #2)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 684 KB

Greerwood Forest beckons to Keia Atlos.
The Dark Disciple lies in wait within.
Return to Alea and join familiar faces and newcomers alike on a new adventure in The Daybreak Saga.

Keia Atlos risked her life to be a soldier, but hasn’t become one yet. Her fate has yet to be determined. Rocked by betrayal, she must carry on despite political turmoil engulfing the Kingdom of Gaddeaux.
When Aliya and Carter go missing in Greerwood–a cursed place–Keia must face her destiny head-on. It’ll take all her courage and more to unravel the truth behind the deadly Dark Disciple.

Introducing Scipion and Matalo, warriors with dreams of freeing their homeland from the dreaded pirate lord, the Black Heart. Their rise coincides with a meteor and with the mysterious Lost Prince.
The hour of heroes has come.

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