Star Guardian by G J Ogden

Star Guardian by G J Ogden (Star Guardians #1)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 600 KB

The galaxy’s greatest treasure hunters become humanity’s best hope for survival
Hudson Powell and Tory Bellona are the galaxy’s top Star Scavengers. Travelling to distant planets, they hunt for valuable artefacts inside the wrecks of giant alien starships that mysteriously lie crashed and broken on every portal world.

It’s a dangerous job, even without having to contend with corrupt police forces, criminal cartels, and the rival scavengers who want to kill them and take their crown. But for Hudson and Tory, an even greater danger lies ahead – one that not only threatens them, but the entire human race.
A tragic attack by a fanatical death cult turns Hudson’s life upside down. The cult’s leader, a deranged zealot called Amelia Ash, claims to have found and resurrected the malevolent AI that destroyed the titanic alien starships millennia ago. The super-powered entity aims to finish what it started eons earlier – to wipe out all sentient organic life in the universe.

Caught in the alien AI’s sights, Hudson and Tory discover that rare alien crystals are the source of the destructive entity’s power – crystals that can only be found deep inside the wrecked ships scattered across the galaxy.
Now the race is on to find and recover these crystal shards before Amelia Ash and her army of zealots can deliver them to the alien AI as fuel for its murderous ambitions.
Failure will mean certain death for Hudson and Tory, but there’s more at stake than just their lives. The fate of humanity itself now rests on the shoulders of the infamous Star Scavengers.

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