Sniper’s Justice by David Healey

Sniper’s Justice by David Healey (Caje Cole #9)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 302 KB

Just when it looks like Allied troops are finally winning the massive Battle of the Bulge in the snowy Ardennes forest, German forces launch a devastating counter-attack called Operation Nordwind. U.S. sniper Caje Cole and his squad are among those rushed to support the battered Allied troops in the Vosges Mountains.
They find themselves defending a mountain village from Panzers and a crack Wehrmacht force that includes a cruel German sniper known as The Butcher, whom Cole has tangled with before.
Surrounded in the deep, wintry hills, the odds seem impossible, but the defenders have Cole and his rifle on their side.
For Cole, the battle leaves some unfinished business. Years later, on a trip to Germany to help dedicate a WWII museum, Cole will have to settle the score once and for all to satisfy his “Sniper’s Justice.”

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