Silencing the Dead by Will Harker

Silencing the Dead by Will Harker (The Scott Jericho Crime #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 726 KB

Something very wicked this way comes…
Former CID detective Scott Jericho is done with murder. Done with puzzles. Done with the dark rage that seems to haunt him.
That is until a vicious serial killer targets someone close to him.
Now Jericho is back, his thirst for justice remorseless.

But time is running out. Fortune tellers and psychics are being slaughtered and everything points to a link with a live TVevent due to be broadcast on Halloween night. But what is the significance of the macabre wax effigies found at every crime scene? Why is celebrity psychic Darrel Everwood convinced he will die in four days time? And is Jericho’s lover Harry really involved in the murders?
As a startling truth is revealed and an old enemy re-emerges, a murder beyond imagining is about to become the media event of the century…

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