She Was Gone by Christensen Low

She Was Gone by Christensen Low (ePUB) Free Download

She Was Gone by Christensen Low (Chuan Mysteries #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

She was kidnapped; he was blamed. Now, he must rescue her.

Struggling to make ends meet on the rough streets of Chicago, Chuan Lee embraces the ordinary hustle of day jobs, but his difficult situation dramatically changes when the wealthy Ms. Van Rolsen hires Chuan to walk her dogs. The job comes with many perks including living in the opulent Castle, Ms. Van Rolsen’s apartment building on the Gold Coast. This also opens him up to a life-changing encounter with the captivating Marie.

Chuan is happy, and his situation is finally looking up.

Or so he thought.

All this changes when Ms. Van Rolsen’s niece is kidnapped. With suspicion weighing heavily on him, Chuan races against time and treachery, delving into his past as he pursues truth and redemption that takes him all the way from the concrete of Chicago to the jungles of the Philippines.

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