Seven’s Plumbing by Marco Bracci

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Seven’s Plumbing by Marco Bracci
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Over the last six years, the mercenary crew of Seven’s Plumbing has gained a name for themselves as efficient and unorthodox soldiers of misfortune. Consisting of an ever-scornful veteran, a cybernetically augmented engineer, a snarky alien medic, and the brazen Captain Seven, they survive by performing jobs that are either out of any government’s jurisdiction, or too dangerous for any sane group to do.

Worlds are flung into a collision course when the hired guns are sent to extract a scientist from a tumultuous weapons manufacturing company known as the MDI–and inadvertently get entangled in a corporate conspiracy.

Will the mercenaries shut down this shadowy threat? Or will the MDI’s dubious plans put the Milky Way at risk?

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