SatisFRY: The Air Fryer Cookbook by Mona Dolgov

SatisFRY: The Air Fryer Cookbook by Mona Dolgov
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Unlock the secrets to healthy recipes that taste unbelievably decadent with air frying expert Mona Dolgov’s new satis-FRY, the complete guide to air frying perfection.

Do you still have your air fryer in your closet, afraid to unpack the box? Does you new oven have an air fryer setting and you don’t know where to start? satis-FRY gives you the cooking confidence and the WOW to make amazing meals, snacks, sides, and even air-baked desserts healthy-delicious. The air fryer is an amazing appliance and tool for a healthier lifestyle and now comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. No fuss, less mess, and faster cooking than the traditional oven and grill. Easy recipes will get you eating more veggies, using less oil for all of your meals and snacks, and perfectly portioned desserts.

But to get the most from your air fryer, you need to learn the kitchen hacks and techniques that take this countertop appliance from good to great. Nutritionist and air frying expert Mona Dolgov is here to help. She’s developed thousands of recipes for some of the top appliance manufacturers in the world—including Philips, CrockPot, Ninja, and more—and has the experience and technical knowledge to get the most out of every air fryer on the market and ensure healthy, gluten-free, better-for-you meals that taste amazing.

Get Your Veggie On! The perfect appliance for a more plant-forward lifestyle—perfectly roasted vegetables and healthier fries!
Get Your Crunch On! The best way to prepare crunchy and healthy snacks—“snackertaining” on a new level!
Get Your Easy Express Meals Here! Effortless complete meals prepared in less time! Use frozen and fresh ingredients to create crunchy and perfectly textured meals.
Get Your New Morning Routine! Quick, eggs-citing recipes, including the world’s quickest and easiest hard-boiled eggs, as well as perfectly baked muffins and breakfast sandwiches.
Get Your Decadent Desserts! Indulge in delicious baked treats, from Berry Crumble to Cookies to Cheese Cake Minis—all under 200 calories.

You’ll also get recipes for simple dips, marinades, and spice mixes to create new spins and take your meals to the next level.

satis-FRY also features the information you need to get the most out of your air fryer, including:

How to select the right air fryer for you
Techniques to perfect your timing and lock in perfect doneness
Hacks for faster sheet pan and skillet recipes that are hot and ready right away
Tips for air-baking muffins and air-roasting the perfect family chicken dinner
A guid to helpful accessories that deliver great results
Much more!
The air fryer has revolutionized the kitchen, making amazing, fulfilling recipes quicker and easier than ever. Learn how to eat well, stay satisfied, and put the WOW into your recipes. Take your air frying to the next level with satis-FRY.

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