Rust by C.J. Stilling

Rust by C.J. Stilling
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 547 KB

Banished to a distant world, they triggered the release of an ancient menace. Can one man unite sworn enemies before the galaxy is destroyed?

Nineteen-year-old Andrew Wallace regrets killing billions. Having engineered an apocalyptic virus to end Earth’s war with an alien race, he’s seeking peace and redemption. But after accepting exile along with everyone else responsible for the carnage on both sides, he’s horrified to discover their destination planet is home to a terrifying new threat.

Stranded with most of their tech ravaged, Andrew forms a tentative friendship with an alien girl while researching an answer to the nightmare around them. But as suspicion and fear reignite tension between the two species, he uncovers a solution he doesn’t dare to share.
Can Andrew unify the former adversaries before a primal life form consumes them all?

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