Run For Your Life by Philip Anthony Smith

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Run For Your Life by Philip Anthony Smith
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Would you risk your family, your marriage, and your life to earn some extra money?

Sean and his family are already struggling financially when he loses out on a much needed promotion. He is recommended a dubious app to earn extra money on the side, and keeps it from his wife. But it has secrets of its own…
Desperate to get fit and keep his family’s heads above water, he starts running using the app. When a mysterious group of men begin to threaten his life, he is left with a seemingly simple choice; fight, or flight.

Sean continues to run using the app, but loses parts of himself on the trail. He tests not only his stamina, but his morality, and his commitment to his wife.
This relentlessly fast paced psychological thriller will have you racing to the end as you follow Sean’s journey in finding the identities of the men behind the masks.

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