Remnants by Jason D. Morrow

Remnants by Jason D. Morrow (Fallen Earth #1)
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | eBook | 327 KB

When an EMP takes out the national power grid, the country is thrown into chaos.
The gates of a prison open and the people are freed. It’s the middle of the night. There is no electricity. Cell phones are dead. Cars don’t start. The lights won’t turn on.

Sheriff Leland West knows what this could mean. Stranded a few miles from town, he must now travel on foot with Henry, a fugitive in handcuffs, because it’s not a matter of if the prisoners will take over the town, but when. The people need his help, but Leland isn’t worried about them. His daughter is his number one priority.
But to save her, he’ll have to get involved, and time is running out.

As sheriff, Leland has put away a few of these prisoners. Revenge could be in their minds. One prisoner in particular will be looking for him.
A shadow from his past that aims to make him pay for all his sins.

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