Rejects by Emmy Ellis

Rejects by Emmy Ellis (The Cardigan Estate #5)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 211 KB

When men in balaclavas burst into the parlour at The Angel, shotguns raised, Orchid’s time is up. She’s been hiding in London, hoping members of a gang she used to belong to don’t find her. Seems they have.
Will, Orchid’s younger brother, is still a gang member up in Birmingham, and although he’s desperate to get out, he hasn’t got the balls. A message from his sister after he helps to pull off a big job changes everything, and he boards a train to meet her.

Murder is the name of the game, and the siblings have no choice but to commit it—just like they’ve had no choice in the past, forced to do things no child should have to.
Can they wipe the gang out and move on?
Will The Brothers help them?
And how will they go forward with deaths on their consciences?
The Cardigan Estate is once again thrown into the heart of tragic lives, where justice is found with bullets, blood, and chopped-up bodies dumped in the Thames.

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